El-Zakzaky infected with lead poison – Toxicologist

A clinical toxicologist has said that the health of top Nigerian Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, is deteriorating, stressing that his lead poisoning should be treated quickly.

Clinical toxicologist, Seyyed Nader Mostafavi told Mehr correspondent on Tuesday that Mr El-Zakzaky is suffering from multiple health problems.

According to him, the lead poisoning is deteriorating which needs urgent medical treatment.

Mr Mostafavi said that according to the reports he received on Mr El-Zakzaky’s health condition, the level of lead in his blood was 170 while 20 days later, the figure reached 234.

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The clinical toxicologist stressed that the level of lead poisoning in him has reached dangerous levels, adding that the top Nigerian Shia cleric should be admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.

He further noted that treating lead poisoning is not a very hard job as necessary medicine is available everywhere.


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