Bafarawa to host national security summit

Former Governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa reinstated his commitment towards curtailing insecurity in Nigeria.

Bafarawa made this known while addressing the press at his Abuja office in Maitama on May 2nd said he will be hosting a national security and peace development summit to address the issues of insecurity in the country through his NGO, Attahiru Bafarawa Foundation.

Attahiru Bafarawa Foundation is an organization established to support strengthening of institutional capacity of those charged with managing crimes by promoting processes that enhance broader societal participation.

According to him, everyone in Nigeria should be concerned about the mounting insecurity in the country, advising that it should not be a party affair or subjected to petty politics.

He said “The problem with some Nigerian politicians, when they find themselves in the opposition party, their prayer is the ruling party to fail.

“What is causing these problems is ‘Siddon Look.’ I belong to this party, to hell with them. Unknown to them, on the Kaduna-Abuja expressway, the bandits don’t ask if you are APC or PDP. As far as they are concerned, whoever crosses there, would be kidnapped.”

“Therefore, it is now up to us – the politicians, the businessmen, the traditional leaders and the community leaders, including the security agencies, to sit down as a team and fine-tune what is the cause of these problems. The problem is within us.”

He said violent crime in Nigeria is highly concentrated in specific undeserved urban areas, and is higher in areas where trust in the security agents and the broader state is lower.

According to him, these neighbourhoods and communities have higher rates of poverty, unemployment, lower educational attainment, low social capital, and in turn, high levels of crime and violence interfere with human, social and economic development.

He said “The Bafarawa Foundation therefore seeks to reduce involvement of individuals in crime, instill a culture of law among all citizens, and restore public trust in the protective services. “It calls for a holistic approach focusing on root cause eradication and greater participation of community members and the private sector.

“Under these plan, the Nigerian society is secure, cohesive and just, national strategies and outcomes have been identified to provide the road-map for achievement and success; it strengthen the capacity of the citizens to participate in creating a safer and secure society; to achieve security and safety outcome.

“The foundation acknowledges the human and financial cost of crime. All people, especially women, children and young people have the right to be safe. Research has shown that young people are the group most likely to be the victims and perpetrators of crime.”

He expressed hope that the forthcoming national security and peace development summit by his foundation, will contribute to ongoing efforts by both federal and state government to community groups to address the recurrent violence.

He added that the program as conceived by Bafarawa Foundation is aimed at frustrating crime from alternative dimension to my mind is ingenuity and unparalled.


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