A non-governmental organization, Wang Children foundation organized a free medical outreach for internally displaced persons in Abagana IDP camp in Makurdi, Benue State.

The NGO, led by the founder Dr. Winifred Aver Wanger visited the IDP camp with other medical professionals and volunteers to help spread and administer drugs to children living with common illnesses.

The foundation which started few years ago have been at the forefront of helping the less privileged children in Abuja and Benue State.

Stimulated by her love for children and the desire to care for the less fortunate children in the society; to enjoy the good things of life like their privileged contemporaries, Dr. Wanger noted that the medical outreach will help reduce seasonal illnesses and improve healthy living in the camp.

She also call on the Government and well-meaning individuals in the society to key into this program for a better Nigeria through interventions and sponsorship of projects aimed at alleviating the living conditions of these children.

Hiikyaa Kenneth, a volunteer at the medical outreach who happens to be an indigene of Benue State, stated insurgency as the primary cause of the unfavorable conditions the children now live in.

He said “as a result of insurgency, some of these children who were the victims of the attack now live in camps where feeding is now a problem and they are exposed to various disease conditions.

He also urged Nigerians and relevant stakeholders to take up responsibility of improving the living conditions in the camps. He commended the fantastic efforts of Wang Children foundation and encouraged to keep up the good works.

The commandant of Abagana IDP camp, James Okiasie expressed gratitude and appreciation towards the gesture of the foundation. He said “We are so happy and glad about the medical outreach, especially as it focuses on children”.

He further encouraged them to consider the supply of relief materials including food items to IDP camps in the state.


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