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Lagos police ‘investigating’ death of man shot at viewing centre

The Police in Lagos state said they are still investigating the fatal shooting of a man at a viewing centre in Lagos.

Bala Elkana, the state police spokesperson on Monday said that the matter will be “thoroughly investigated” and the findings made public.

The deceased, Kolade Johnson, 36, was killed on Sunday evening by a stray bullet fired by police officers at a viewing centre while he was watching a football match at a Kingstine-Jo outlet in Magoro, close to the International Airport, Lagos.

An intimate friend of the deceased, Dennis Ikpoba, confirmed that Mr Johnson died from the gunshot wounds at the hospital shortly after the incident, and after the police officers fled the scene.

Mr Ikpoba said the officers arrived at the fast-food and relaxation bar in an unpainted bus, and quickly moved to apprehend a man, Ismail Folorunsho, whom they alleged was a criminal suspect.

“They wanted to arrest Ismail, who is known to everyone in the area, and people quickly gathered to find out why,” Mr Ikpoba said. “We later learnt that it was because he had dreadlocks that they wanted to arrest, fearing he might be a criminal.”


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