Italy Customs, Police announce biggest cocaine raid in 25 years

More than 2 tons of pure cocaine from Colombia were seized at Italy’s Genoa port, in the biggest raid of the last 25 years, Italian Customs Police said on Thursday.

In a statement, the Guardia di Finanza of Genoa said they called the operation “Genoese Snow’’.

The drugs, with a market value of around 575 million dollars, were found in a container on Jan. 23, but the discovery was not immediately made public

They were on a cargo ship which came in from the Colombian port of Turbo and was due to sail on to Barcelona, the Guardia di Finanza said.

According to the Italian police statement, the cocaine belonged to several crime syndicates affiliated to the Clan del Golfo, a notorious Colombian drug cartel.

A 59-year-old Spanish man was arrested in Barcelona as part of the police operation, which relied on the cooperation of Colombian, Spanish and British authorities.



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