Saudi Arabia kill 6 fugitives in Qatif region

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday the death of six fugitives and the arrest of another in a proactive operation in Qatif region of the Eastern province, Saudi Press Agency reported.

Spokesman of the State Security Presidency highlighted the foiling of a terrorist act that was expected to be executed anytime when a house in the region was raided on Monday.

The spokesman said the security forces were forced to shoot back at the seven wanted individuals after resisting arrest and attacking the forces, in a way that could endanger the safety of the residents.

According to the spokesman, the injured fugitive was referred to hospital for treatment, while five police personnel sustained minor injuries.

Among the confiscated items were seven machine guns, three bombs and bullets.

The spokesman reiterated the continuation to deal with crimes and criminals, who agree to implement the agendas of foreign bodies that work against the kingdom and its people.

Qatif, one of few Saudi areas dominated by the minority Shiite community, suffers on-and-off violence by Shiite youths against police personnel and residents.