EMERGENCY DIGEST – Kidnap cases are on the rise, as a day hardly goes by without report of at least one kidnap incident either on Nigerian roads or middle of our cities, in a case whereby one finds him or herself in a compromising situation, here are some safety tips to remember.

Keep emergency numbers with you at all times. You can create speed dial numbers in your mobile phone just in case you find yourself in a very compromising situation.

Do not give away any personal information such as our phone numbers and home address, especially on social networking websites or to persons unknown to you.

Watch what and where you speak, especially on the phone. A lot of people have no sense of security while speaking, and could end up bragging yourself into being kidnapped and asked to pay a ransom.

Be alert to suspicious and unusual behaviour around you.

Be discrete in your philanthropic gestures as this could make you a target.

Do not discuss financial matters in open places and not even in the car or within the hearing of your domestic staff.

Do not leave your children in a car unattended, particularly while shopping, refueling or on social outings.

Schools should install CCTV in the school surroundings to monitor activities in and around the premises especially at opening and closing times.

Avoid going out alone.