Youths Welcome Ban of Alcohol in Ilorin Emirate

The Ilorin Emirate Integrity Youth Vanguard (IEIYV) commends the Kwara State House of Assembly on the recently bill passed on banning production, sale and consumption of alcohol in certain areas of Ilorin, the State capital.

The bill is titled, “Ilorin Township (Prohibition Against the Production, Sale and Consumption of Liquor in Certain Areas) Law, 2018.”

The Ilorin Emirate Integrity Youth Vanguard led by Mallam Sheriff Alaburo and his Secretary Mallam Jaji Omobolaji have been on the front struggle of the fight to curb and minimize the rate of Alcohol consumption in the Emirate city of Ilorin.

we appreciated the steps in quickly putting and signing this in to law. It will proclaim and bring out the image of religious and dignity in which we were known for.

Consequently, We give kudos to Leader of Kwara State House of Assembly, Alh. Ali Ahmad and Kwara State Governor, Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed for taking the matter serious and not with light hand.

Ilorin Emirate Integrity youth Vanguard is known for its Integrity and ready to work to make this law work in Ilorin city.

Below is the list of areas where alcohol ban takes effect as approved

1. From Central mosque through Emirs road to Aluko Bridge.

2. Gambari road and Ojagboro.

3. Shao road, Karumo road, Isalekoko and Okesuna.

4. Ajanaku, Edun, Sakama, Asunnara and Isale Maliki.

5. From Central mosque to Aluko stream, including Alapata, Agaka-Oke, Agaka Isale, Eruda, Gegele, Faagba and Ehinkule Oba.

6. From Government High School roundabout to Ita-Oloko Nla through Kuntu, Popo Omo-Oba, Isale Aluko, Jaji street and Alanamu.

6. Dada, Alawo-nla, Ondoko, Kankatu, Isale Elesin and Okelele.

7. From Isale-Oja to Pakata roundabout, including Oke-Ebo Alaso, Ita-Nma and Oke-anifowoshe

8. From Idi-ape Jumat Mosque to Fonma stream, including Alimi Road and Omoda.

9. From Government High School roundabout to Oloje, including Oke Agodi, Idigba and Oke-Anifowoshe

10. From Old-Yidi road junction through Ita Amodu to Niger road/Emirs’ road junction

11. From Niger road junction to Isale-Oja roundabout through Abdulazeez Attah road, Nasfat village to National Youth Centre.

12. From Geri-Alimi roundabout, Asa Dam road including Joro village, Harmony Diagnostic centre area and New Yidi road to Folawiyo road.

13. From Edun road junction, Opo-malu road to Amilegbe bridge to Gambari road/Sobi road junction including Ipata, Alagbado to Specialist Hospital junction.

14. From Specialist Hospital junction, Alagbado area, Medina to Oko-olowo.

15. From Harmony Housing Estate junction to Zango junction, which include areas on both sides of the road.

16. From Sabo-Oke junction to Oyun Bridge.

17. From Pakata roundabout to Alore junction (including Oloje and Banni).

Engr. Ahmed Sodiq Shola
Director Media and Publicity